[2023] Useful Nokia Smart and Feature Phone Codes Tips & Trick

Useful Nokia Smart and Feature Phone

Nokia Codes

Nokia mobile phones have long been known for their reliability and feature-rich functionality. While some of these codes, tricks, and tips may not work on newer Nokia models or may have been disabled by software updates, they can still be useful for older Nokia phones. Here are some of the common Nokia secret codes, tricks, and tips:

Please Note: Using these codes and tricks may have varying results on different Nokia phones. Be cautious, as some may reset your phone to factory settings or modify important settings.

14 Useful Nokia Codes

Check IMEI Number *#06# To view your phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) This code will display your phone’s unique identifier.
Factory Reset *#7370# If you want to reset your phone to its factory settings, This code will prompt you for a security code, which is typically 12345, the default code for most Nokia phones.
Display Phone Model *#92702689# Dial to see the manufacturing date, purchase date, and date of last repair for your Nokia phone. This is not available on all Nokia models.
Sim Card Information *#7780# To view information about your SIM card, including the IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) number.
View Battery Status *#67705646# Dial to display your phone’s battery status. This can be useful for checking if your battery is in good condition.
Activate Field Test Mode *3001#12345# For signal strength and network information. This will put your phone in Field Test Mode, which shows information about the cell towers your phone is connected to.
Hide Your Phone Number *31# If you want to hide your phone number when making a call, before the phone number you wish to call.
Enable Call Waiting *43# To activate the call Waiting on your Nokia phone. To deactivate it, dial #43#.
Check Call Barring Status *#33#. To check the status of call barring on your phone, This will display whether call barring is active or not.
Display Hardware Information *#92702689# To see information about the hardware components of your phone, such as the display and camera.
Restore Default Settings *#7780# If you want to restore your phone’s settings to their default values.
View Operator Information *#3370# To check information about your mobile operator.
Reset Lifetimer *#92702689# To reset the lifetime call timer on your Nokia phone, which displays the total time you’ve spent on calls, dial and then choose option 2
Activate EFR Mode #3370# Dial to enable EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) for improved call quality. To deactivate it, dial #3370#

These codes can be used in which model

These Nokia codes usually apply to older Nokia mobile phone models that use Symbian, Series 40, or Series 60 operating systems. These codes are less likely to work on more modern Nokia smartphones that use the Android operating system, as Nokia has migrated to Android for its newer devices.

The specific compatibility of these codes may vary based on your Nokia phone model and firmware version. Some codes may not work on all Nokia models, and others may have been disabled or changed in later software updates.

If you are not sure whether a particular code will work on your Nokia phone, it is best to consult your phone’s user manual or contact Nokia Customer Support for model-specific information. Additionally, be careful when using these codes, as they may have different effects on different phones, and some may reset your phone or modify important settings.

Remember that using these codes and tricks can have different effects on various Nokia models. If in doubt or if you are unsure about any specific code, it’s a good idea to consult your phone’s user manual or contact Nokia support for guidance. Additionally, some codes may not work on modern smartphones or may require specific permissions or security codes. Use them responsibly and at your own risk.
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