What is screen resolution in computers & Why Does It Matter?

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What is screen resolution in computer graphics 2023

Screen Resolution And Why Does It Matter
Screen Resolution

The majority of individuals are unaware of the resolution. They believe it to be merely a numerical representation of the screen’s pixel count. The resolution is actually much more than simply a number, though. It’s one of the most crucial elements in determining how excellent or horrible the display on your computer is.

When we discuss screen resolution, we are referring to the quantity of dots on a computer or television screen. The term PPI, which stands for pixels per inch, is often used. Assume you have a 25-inch screen with a 1680 x 1050 pixel resolution. Its pixel density is 176 PPI in this case.

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What Is Resolution?:

This question has a convenient solution. The amount of pixels in a picture or video is referred to as screen resolution. The quality improves with increasing pixel count.

Probably, you’ve heard of the term “pixel density”. The pixel density of a display is measured in pixels per inch (PPI). The quality of a display improves with increasing PPI.

Types of Resolution:

Resolution is a term used to indicate how clearly a computer monitor can display a picture. A monitor’s output is an image made up of dots that are seen on the screen.

The image is composed of millions of small dots, known as pixels, that make up the dots. On a screen, a pixel is one dot.

Resolution is defined as the number of pixels per inch. Two different types of resolution are listed below:

Display Resolution:

The maximum number of pixels per inch that a screen can accommodate is known as the display resolution. Nowadays, the majority of monitors feature an HD (high definition) display with a resolution of at minimum 1024 x 768 pixels (High Definition).

The resolution used for printing from a website or blog is typically 300 PPI. The resolution required to send an email is typically 72 PPI.

Image Resolution:

Knowing the image resolution is necessary if you wish to display the image on your computer screen because it specifies the amount of pixels per inch that will appear on your computer monitor.

You should probably save the picture in a high-resolution format file if you intend to use it again.

What Is the Importance of Resolutions?:

Resolutions are significant because they dictate how big or small a picture or graphic will appear on your screen.

The majority of modern digital cameras have a resolution of 3000 pixels, enabling you to examine a significantly larger image.

The clarity of the image depends on the resolution. A low-resolution screen will produce a more fuzzy image, whereas a high-resolution display will produce a more detailed image.

How to Choose the Right Resolution:

It is important to choose the right resolution for your images and graphics. A low resolution might not be suitable for your project, because it might not be clear enough. 

For example, if you are taking a photo of your child, you probably want to make sure that you can clearly see his face in the image.

You should take a few test shots to see how your camera functions. You should pick a resolution that you are comfortable with. If you are just starting, you should look for a resolution of around 800 pixels.

How Resolution Affects Your Images:

You need to utilize a greater resolution when taking a picture of something close up than when taking one of something far away. You should evaluate the distance between you and the subject you are photographing.

If you take a picture near the thing, you will have a clearer glimpse of it. Make sure the image is crystal clear and simple to see if you intend to use it on your website.

You can spend money on a high-resolution display and camera to get the finest results.

Common Resolutions & Abbreviations:

Consider the quality of your photographs if you have chosen to snap pictures of yourself or members of your family. People won’t be able to identify you or your loved ones in your images if they are unclear.

A nice camera and lens should be purchased if you wish to shoot great photos. You should document the activities you find enjoyable using photos. Here are a few typical resolutions and abbreviations:

1920 × 1080p : Full HD, 1080p
2560 × 1440p : WQHD, 1440p
2560 × 1080p : UWHD, 1080p ultrawide
3440 × 1440p : UWQHD, 1440p ultrawide
3840 × 2160p : 4K, Ultra HD, 2160p
5120 × 2880p : 5K
7680 × 4320p : 8K
15360 × 8640p : 16K

Screen Resolution VS Screen Size:

Screen Resolution Vs Screen Size
Resolution VS Size


Screen size and resolution are two distinct concepts. The size of the digital display and the quantity of pixels on it are referred to as screen resolution. It’s expressed in dots per inch (dpi).

A 10-inch screen, for instance, contains approximately 940 pixels, but a 25-inch screen has approximately 2500 pixels.

The display resolution of your monitor is something you should be aware of. Your image’s quality is referred to by its resolution. The size of the pixels on your screen will decide this.

For example, if you have a 1024 x 768 screen resolution, the number indicates how many pixels the picture is made up of.

Your images will look pixelated if the screen resolution is less than 1024 x 768p. With a high resolution, you can see fine details clearly. Your image will appear smooth if your screen resolution is more than 1024 x 768p.

Can I buy a higher resolution?:

Purchasing a high-resolution monitor is possible. A better resolution will cost you more money, so be prepared. However, the size of the display, not the device’s resolution, typically dictates how much it costs.

Because of this, a larger screen with a greater resolution will cost more than a smaller screen with a lower resolution. a larger screen necessitates a costly, larger monitor.

Consider using a high-quality monitor as well. The resolution of a high-quality monitor is superior to that of a cheap one.

What does higher screen resolution mean?:

More information can be seen on the screen with a higher resolution, which is beneficial for both visuals and video games. It will appear clearer when your game displays a clean image on the screen.

However, because a low-quality monitor doesn’t display crisp images, everything will appear hazy.

On a high-resolution monitor, your videos, pictures, and other visuals will look more detailed. Your screen will display more information, resulting in crisper, more detailed visuals.


Anyone who uses a computer, laptop, or tablet has to understand what screen resolution is and why it’s significant. You can make sure that your device properly displays text and images by choosing the right screen resolution.

Additionally, if your computer has a better resolution, you might be able to watch movies or play games with sharper visuals if it does.

You now completely understand screen resolution after reading this article’s discussion of what it is and why it matters.


Q1: What is a good screen resolution?

The resolution of a good display must be 1920 x 1080 pixels or above. 1280 x 800p or 1024 x 768p resolutions are appropriate for a medium-quality display. The resolution of a low-quality display is 640 x 480p.

Q2: Does higher resolution mean better quality?

Better quality equates to higher resolution. The resolution of a new monitor is crucial information to have. The majority of brand-new displays on the market today have a resolution of at least 1024 x 768 pixels.

Q3: What is the minimum resolution for 4K?

The resolution is something you should consider when purchasing a new monitor. 4K requires a minimum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.

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