How To Clean Monitor Screen Without Streaks 2024

How to clean monitor screen: If you’re looking for a way to make your computer screen look its best, you’ll love this guide.

Clean Monitor Screen Without Streaks
Clean Monitor Screen Without Streaks

We all know that monitors get dirty very fast. If you’re like me, you try to clean your computer monitor once a week, but inevitably, it always ends up streaked. The reason for this, all the dust settles on the sides of the monitor.

But if you clean the screen regularly, you’ll eliminate those streaks and keep your screen looking pristine. So, here’s my tried and true method for cleaning your screen without streaks.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Monitor

There is no doubt that having a clean screen is an important part of keeping your computer up and running smoothly.

A dirty monitor can cause eye strain and headaches. In addition, a dirty monitor can make it hard to see what you are doing on your computer.

If you want to keep your screen clean without streaks, read on to learn more.

What Do You Need To Clean Your Monitor (5 Things)

A computer monitor is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any office or home. It’s used to view and edit documents, play video games, and even watch movies.

When a computer monitor isn’t properly cleaned, it can become covered in dust and debris, which can result in poor viewing and performance.

Here, we explain what you need before cleaning a computer monitor.

1. Microfiber cloth:

Microfiber Cloth
Microfiber cloth

Microfiber cloths are made from great polyester fibers and are ideal for removing dirt and dust from computer screens. They are incredibly soft, making them comfortable to hold and use.

2. Spray bottle:

To clean your monitor screen, you can use a spray bottle. If you have one, you can easily get rid of dust and dirt. A spray bottle is necessary for cleaning your monitor screen.

3. Cleaning Cloth:

If you don’t want to clean your computer screen with the microfiber cloth, you can just wipe the screen with a regular cleaning cloth.

4. Distilled Water:

For a cleaner monitor, you should only use distilled water. Distilled water contains no impurities, which makes it easier for you to clean your computer screen.

5. White Vinegar:

If you want to clean your computer screen, you should use white vinegar. This liquid is good for cleaning your computer screen.

How To Clean Your Monitor Without Streaks

Most people know that computer monitors can be cleaned by using a cloth, but they don’t know how to clean them properly. If you’re not careful, you may end up with a very bad case of computer screen streak disease.

You can easily get rid of the streaks with the right cleaning method. If you want to keep your monitor clean without streaks, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Start by gathering the equipment you’ll need.

Step 2: After you’ve got the right equipment, turn off the monitor and unplug it from the power source.

Step 3: The next step is to apply a cleaning liquid to the microfibre cloth (distilled water or cleaning spray). Do not soak the cloth, just dampen it.

Step 4: Now, wipe your screen in a circular motion, until it’s completely clean. Use a monitor spray specially designed for screens for better results.

Step 5: After the monitor is cleaned, remove any residual moisture with a clean, dry microfibre cloth. For best results, you should use screen wipes.

Step 6: Wait for 30 minutes for the monitor to fully dry before turning it back on. I hope you enjoy your streak-free, clean, and clear screen.

Avoid These Things, Don’t Use to Clean Your Monitor Screen

If your monitor screen is displaying streaks or other unsightly images, you may need to clean it.

However, before you begin, be sure to avoid some common household items that could damage your monitor.

Here are five things you should not use to clean your monitor:

Window cleaner: 

Window cleaners can contain harsh chemicals that can damage your monitor. Instead, use a mild soap and water solution to clean the monitor screen.

Hair spray: 

Hair spray can contain chemicals that can also damage your monitor. Make sure to use a soft cloth and water to clean the screen.

Oven cleaner:

Oven cleaners can contain harsh chemicals that can also damage your monitor. Instead, use a damp cloth and cold water to clean the screen.


Ammonia can damage your monitor screen if it gets on it. Make sure, to use a diluted solution of dish soap and water to clean the screen.

Laser printer toner: 

Laser printer toner can contain harmful chemicals that can also damage your monitor. Be sure to use a soft cloth and warm water to clean the screen.


It’s important to keep the screen of your monitor clean. When the screen gets dirty, it makes it harder for you to read and work on documents. It’s also more difficult for your computer to focus on what you want it to do.

In addition, a dirty screen can affect the quality of the image on your computer’s display.  So, if you want to keep your screen clean and your computer running smoothly, follow the above steps.


Q1: Is It OK To Clean a Monitor Screen With Water?

Many people believe it is safe to clean a monitor screen with water. However, there are some risks associated with doing this.

First, if the water is not hot enough, it can cause scratches on the screen.
Second, if the water is too hot, it could damage the monitor.
Finally, using water to clean a monitor screen can void the warranty if the monitor is still under warranty.

Q2: What do You need to clean your laptop screen?

There are a few things that you need to clean your laptop screen including a screen cleaner, cloth, bucket, water, etc.

Q3: Which cleaners to never use on your laptop screen?

Screen cleaners can be a great way to keep your laptop screen looking pristine, but there are some ways that you should never use on your screen.
Here are four screen cleaners that you should avoid using:

Glass cleaner: This type of cleaner can damage the surface of your laptop’s LCD screen.

Scrubbing alcohol: This type of alcohol is harsh and can damage the surface of your laptop’s LCD screen.

Lighter fluid: Lighter fluid is extremely volatile and can quickly damage the surface of your laptop’s LCD screen.

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