Google Maps and Waze | Different Roads 2023

Google Maps Promotes Sustainable Transportation

Google Maps and Waze may seem similar, but they have distinct focuses. Google Maps is shifting towards sustainable transportation, offering fuel-efficient routes to reduce carbon emissions.

Expanding Fuel-Efficient Routing

These routes consider factors like speed and terrain. So far, this initiative has reduced emissions by 2.4 million metric tons.

Fuel-Efficient Routes Available Worldwide

Fuel-efficient routing initially launched in the United States and expanded to Europe, Egypt, and Canada.

Global Expansion Continues

India and Indonesia will follow suit, with support for two-wheelers in these regions. Google’s goal is to encourage fewer car journeys and promote public transportation.

Encouraging Sustainable Choices

In France, Google Maps will suggest public transit and walking options when you search for driving directions.

Public Transit in France

Google Map France

These alternatives will appear when travel times are comparable. Google aims to reduce car usage and emissions.

Google map Promoting Train Travel

Additionally, Google will display train route suggestions in Search for users looking for flights. Trains are considered a more sustainable mode of transportation compared to planes.

Google map Train Routes in Search

Google Map
Google map

This will help users make more efficient travel choices. The rollout of these features is expected soon, but the exact timing remains uncertain. Google is committed to promoting eco-friendly transportation choices.

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