Easypaisa Pakistan Mobile Banking Service App Guide

 Easypaisa Pakistan Mobile Network And Banking

One of the top mobile banking services in Pakistan, Easypaisa gives users a quick and easy way to manage their money while on the go. Millions of Pakistanis now have access to mobile banking with Easypaisa, enabling them to pay bills, send money to friends and family, and make purchases


The Benefits of Easypaisa Mobile Banking:

Customers of Easypaisa have a number of advantages, such as:

Accessing financial services is simple and convenient thanks to the Easypaisa app, which lets users manage their money whenever and wherever they choose from the comfort of their homes.


Secure transactions:


To protect client data and transactions, Easypaisa employs cutting-edge security methods. This guarantees that customers’ money is always safe.

Transfers that operate quickly and consistently With Easypaisa:

Clients may rapidly send money to friends and family with no additional costs.

Wide agent network:


Easypaisa has a large agent network all around Pakistan, which makes it simple for users to deposit and withdraw money, pay bills, and more.

Prices that are reasonable:


Easypaisa provides mobile banking services in Pakistan at some of the most reasonable prices, making it a viable alternative for consumers of all income levels.

Easypaisa Mobile Banking:


How to Use Easypaisa is simple and easy to use. Simply download the program from Google Play or the App Store, then perform the following:


Create an account:


Users of Easypaisa must create an account using their mobile number in order to begin utilizing the service. You can do this by visiting an Easypaisa agent or using the app.


Money transfer:


Clients can transfer funds between their Easypaisa accounts by seeing a representative or by using a credit or debit card.

Send money:


To send money to friends or relatives, all you need to do is input their mobile number and the desired amount. Instantaneous transfer of the funds is planned.


Pay your bills:


Easypaisa makes it simple to pay your bills, including your gas, water, and electricity payments. Just choose the invoice you want to pay and enter the payment amount.


For Telenor Customers:

1. Dial *786#
2. Enter your CNIC and Date of Issuance
3. Create 5-digit PIN Code.
4. Confirm your PIN Code and you are ready to log in to your Easypaisa mobile account

For Zong, Ufone, and Jazz Customers:

1. Dial *2262#
2. Enter your CNIC and Date of Issuance
3. Create 5-digit PIN Code.
4. Confirm your PIN Code and you are ready to log in to your Easypaisa mobile account

Which networks are allowed to make accounts on Easypaisa?
easypaisa account can be easily made on any network (Jazz, Ufone, Zong, Telenor) on any number. There are no restrictions.



Customers of Easypaisa can use their mobile wallet to make purchases both online and offline.


Easypaisa is a practical, cost-effective, and secure mobile banking service that is revolutionizing how Pakistanis manage their money. Easypaisa has you covered whether you want to pay bills, send money to loved ones, or make purchases. Why then wait? Get the app now to start taking advantage of mobile banking’s advantages!


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